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Waterside Valley Consultation is Open!

The Management Plan for Waterside Valley has progressed and is now open for consultation. It incorporates proposals for entrances, hedges, grass cutting and the natural springs.  It looks at rights of way, paths and accessibility. 

The Plan also records the locations of the World War II Pill Boxes visible on the site and which formed a line of defence around the local mines.  It suggests making a feature of the one which is located within the boundary of Waterside Valley, opening it up for special events.

The existing grassland could be enhanced through management and overseeding of Rattle to reduce the vigour of the coarse grasses, increase bio diversity and the wildflowers.  The feasibility of an annual hay cut is being investigated.

Hedges could be cyclically laid and inter-planted, to further increase bio diversity and scrub could be managed to prevent further spread.

A more defined channel around the springs could be created with boulders defining the spring point and steps to retain and slow the water making it an attractive feature.  This would help avoid the current seepage which makes the paths currently very muddy.

Why not take a look at the proposals and let us know your views –

They can be viewed in person in the foyer at the Parish Council offices, the Oval Office, Cobblers Way, Westfield Monday to Friday 9am -5pm.  Plans are on display now and will be up until the end of August.

Why not also come along to a consultation event where our consultant, Andy King, will be on hand to answer any questions and take comments.  These events are

  • Mardons Club, Mardons Close, Westfield on Wednesday 7th September. Drop in from 11am until 12 noon.
  • Westfield Methodist Trinity Church Hall on Thursday 8th September. Drop in during the evening from 7-8pm.
18 July 2022
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10 October 2022
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