With the new restrictions in England that are in effect from Thursday November 5th to Wednesday 2nd December, here is a reminder of places that you can seek information or assistance.

Government response

B&NES Council daily updates

Age UK B&NES – help for elderly people that need support whilst self-isolating.  01225 466135

Sustainable Food Partnership – On here, you will find local businesses which have adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic to provide food delivery, hot meals and takeaway services to Bath and North East Somerset residents.

Royal British Legion, support for serving military personnel, ex-service men and women and their dependents in Westfield. Call 07858 576597

Community Wellbeing Hub You can call 0300247 0050 for assistance with shopping, medication collection or just want someone to talk to.

If you would like to offer to help in any way B&NES Volunteers network 3SG and The Cooperative Alliance has set up an online form at Compassionate Community You can also follow B&NES 3SG on Facebook. You can contact them if you are in need of someone to help you, for example if you are self isolating and need someone to do some shopping for you.

Don’t delay in seeking medical help for all conditions.  Details of which services continue to open, as well as how to get in contact, can be found online by visiting

The Parish Council is following advice for local councils via the National Association for Local Councils.

We hope that you are managing during these challenging times.

You will no doubt be familiar with Bath Mind – your local, independent mental health charity providing crucial mental health services across the whole of B&NES.

At Bath Mind, we put people at the heart of everything we do, and we would like to make your parish aware of the changes to our services as a result of the coronavirus.

As well as working as a lead in the Compassionate Community Hub, this week Bath Mind opened their new service “Breathing Space” providing a vital evening support line for those in crisis.

You can find us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.



Our staff will be working from home during the current restrictions.

Should you need to contact us we can answer your queries during working hours. Call 01761 410669 or email

The office opening hours are:

Monday – 9am to 4:30pm

Tuesday – 9am to 4:30pm

Wednesday – 9am to 4:30pm

Thursday – 9am to 3pm




notice of conclusion of audit



One of our Councillors has been given a couple of photos of the shops in Westfield back in the 1950s and this has prompted us to think about an article in the Warbler for the next edition in November.

If you have any old photographs of anywhere in Westfield from some time ago then would you let us have a copy?  You can email them to us at or put them on our Facebook page.  If you don’t have a current up to date photo of the same view then we are happy to go out and get one – as long as we can identify the view first!!

It should be a lovely article, bringing back memories for those who have lived in Westfield for years, or surprising those that are new to the area with the pictures of what was there before.

Thank you in advance.

Update:  We’ve had a few lovely pictures, but could do with some more!  Send them to us by email or on Facebook.  We look forward to seeing your old pictures.



The running track and equipment is now complete at Westhill and inviting you to come and have a go!  Here are a few pictures of the equipment:



Unfortunately the basket swing has had to be removed – this time due to vandalism.  Again, replacement has been ordered and will be installed shortly.



You may have noticed the swings missing at Westhill Recreation Ground. They were removed as the crossbar holding them was deemed to be deteriorating and therefore unsafe. The Parish Council has placed an order for the replacement.  Watch this space for their installation.

Update – the swings have now been ordered and will be installed shortly!



GRANTS AVAILABLE click link for details





On a pleasantly warm day in early July judge Rob Wicke, Westfield’s Flower Contractor who looks after the beautiful hanging baskets and coal truck displays, toured the gardens of the parish to determine which were worthy of the first prize for the two categories – best front garden and best container.  There were more entries than ever before this year – maybe a reflection of the time that people had been able to spend in their garden due to the lockdown, though getting hold of plants at the beginning of the season was proving tricky.  One entrant told us that all the plants in her lovely tubs were cuttings or seeds of last year’s flowers.  That proved to be amazing foresight!

Of the displays in Westfield gardens Rob said “there were a really great mix of gardens ranging from vibrant bedding plants to intriguing cottage style gardens and everything in between.”

The winner of the Best Garden was in Nightingale Way.  Rob said “It fought off some very strong competition with great vision and use of a variety of plants in a way that instantly stood out and caught my attention.  Clearly the owner had thought long and hard about the design in a very quirky space.”

The hanging baskets that caught Rob’s eye were on Elm Terrace.  He said “They were a great use of colour and shape and were joyful to see, no doubt putting a smile on the faces of passers-by.”

While presenting the prizes to Mrs Kay Jennings for the best garden and Mr Austin Hudd for the hanging baskets Cllr Wallbridge, Vice Chair, said “It has been a pleasure to see the stunning gardens and baskets that have won the competition this year and brighten the neighbourhood for all.”

Thanks must go to Thomsons of Radstock who have kindly donated two vouchers for the winners and to Rob Wicke for giving us his time to do the difficult job of judging the competition.







Old Welton Recycling Centre in Midsomer Norton opened on Thursday 9 July under an appointment only basis.

Councillor David Wood, joint cabinet member for Climate Emergency and Neighbourhood Services, said: “We know there has been a big demand from residents for the site to reopen and we are now in a position to open as staff have been returning to work.

“We have been running extended hours at our Keynsham recycling centre to meet demand and will continue to do so in addition to Old Welton reopening.

“While there is capacity for queuing cars at Pixash Lane, there simply isn’t at Old Welton, so in order to reopen safely we are putting a system in to manage visits. The online booking system is easy to use and has proved successful at other council-run sites.”

Bath & North East Somerset Council is introducing an online booking system for visits to the recycling centre to ensure queues don’t build up on the A362.

Residents will be able to select a day and a time slot by visiting

To comply with social distancing requirements the number of vehicles allowed on site will be restricted and the number of unloading bays reduced from eleven to six.

Old Welton Recycling Centre will revert to its usual opening hours:

  • Monday – Friday: 8am-4.15pm
  • Saturday: 9am -3.45pm
  • Sunday: 9am-1pm

It is re-opening under the following terms:

  • Residents make full use of kerbside services including refuse, recycling, garden waste and bulky waste collections
  • vehicles which have not been booked in will be turned away from the site
  • proof of booking and residency checks will be carried out
  • residents will be limited to two bookings in a seven-day period to help maximise the number of households that can access the site
  • visitors will be required to maintain social distancing and stay 2 metres apart from other users
  • staff will not be able to assist people unloading their vehicles
  • only one person should unload each vehicle unless assistance is required for a heavy item.  This assistance must be provided by someone who has travelled with you
  • all visitors are expected to act in a courteous manner to staff.  Abuse or violence will not be tolerated, and the site maybe temporarily closed if staff feel unsafe
  • the centre cannot current accept items for reuse such as textiles and shoes

The recycling centre at Midland Road in Bath, will remain closed for now but we are working on plans to open reduced hours here by the end of the month.  We continue to prioritise our refuse collection and commercial waste services at this site to keep them on track.

The number plate system currently used for access to Pixash Lane Recycling Centre is to remain in use and the site will continue to offer extended operating hours.  No booking is required here.

  • Mondays – Fridays: 8am-6.00pm
  • Saturdays: 8am-3.45pm
  • Sundays: 8am – 1pm

Follow us on social media for recycling centre upates:

More information about the council’s recycling services can be found here

Updates on all council services can be found at



Annual Parish Meeting postponedFun Day cancelled




We are delighted to announce that we have achieved, once more, the Quality status awarded by the National Association of Local Councils.  This is indicative of our deep commitment to improve the local community

Certificate of Quality status award



Do you use the green and open spaces of Westfield?

Perhaps you are a dog walker who enjoys Waterside Valley, or you may take your family to the play areas and cycle paths of Westfield. Possibly you belong to a group which goes on nature walks or runs in our green spaces. Whatever your background, if you use the green and open spaces of Westfield you may like to take part in the Westfield Green and Open Spaces Group.

This group is set up to protect and enhance the green open spaces of Westfield, including their accessibility. Helping to prioritise the use of funding from developer contributions designated for green open spaces in Westfield forms part of their work.

Your input can be as little or large as you like. You might like simply to receive the minutes of the group and email some thoughts. Or you might like to come along to meetings, put forward your suggestions and work towards seeing them come to fruition. Input at all levels is welcome.

We hope to hear from you. Please contact the Westfield Parish Clerk on or call 01761 410669 or look at the website to monitor the progress of the group



Please see the following notice from BaNES:

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