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Planning Policy


HELAA stands for Housing & Economic Land Availability Assessment. The HELAA is a technical assessment of the suitability and availability of sites for housing and/or employment development. If sites are potentially suitable they could contribute towards the future supply of housing and employment land within B&NES to meet the requirements set out in the Joint Spatial Plan. Following a consultation by BANES with the parishes, in September 2018 Westfield Parish Council undertook the following Site Assessment on the piece of land which BANES has named WF01.

Local Green Space Designations

The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) offers the opportunity for local communities to identify green areas of particular importance to them for special protection. Once designated these open spaces will not be developed except in very special circumstances. Any type of green space could be suitable for designation and may also include land where sports pavilions, boating lakes or structures such as war memorials are located, allotments, or urban spaces that provide a tranquil oasis.

In March 2015 the Parish Council agreed its submission of Local Green Space Designations which can be downloaded below.

Placemaking Plan Consultation Programme

The consultation programme has been put together to assist Parish/Town Councils in understanding their role in working with Bath and North East Somerset Council and their communities on the Placemaking Plan to identify suitable locations for development, delivery of infrastructure and assets to be protected.

Working with, rather than simply on behalf of, communities on the quality and shape of their local environment and develop places where they want to live. Involving Parish/Town Councils in the design and shaping of the Placemaking Plan evidence base and therefore, the content of the Placemaking Plan will facilitate the delivery of better outcomes and development that better reflects the community’s needs.

What is the Placemaking Plan?

The Placemaking Plan will complement the Council’s Core Strategy by setting out the development aspirations and the planning requirements of the delivery of key development sites and updating and reviewing the planning policies used in the determination of planning applications. It will provide detail to show how development can benefit and enhance local communities.

This document is part of the new Local Plan and allocates land for specific uses, such as housing and employments; and outlines criteria to influence the development of specific sites e.g. relating to design, access requirements, or level of affordable housing.

The Placemaking Plan will:

  • Allocates sites for development for housing, employment and other uses to help meet development needs identified in the Core Strategy
  • Review and update the development management policies used in the determination of planning applications;
  • Facilitate the delivery of key development sites
  • Safeguard and enhance the quality and diversity of places in B&NES including the protection of valued assets and identifying opportunities for change; and
  • Provide the opportunity to work together with local communities to review Housing Development Boundaries
4 September 2020
Last Updated
16 December 2020