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  • Parish Clerk – Lesley J Close FSLCC
  • Deputy Clerk – Tracey Stephens
  • Admin Assistant – Caitlin Brown

Postal Address:
Westfield Parish Council
The Oval Office
Cobblers Way
St Peters Business Park
Westfield BA3 3BX

Telephone: 01761 410669
Twitter: @westfield_pc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/westfieldparishcouncil

The Parish Council is open:

  • Monday 9am – 4:30pm,
  • Tuesday 9am – 2pm,
  • Wednesday 9am – 4:30pm,
  • Thursday 9am – 2pm

Visitors are welcome.  Please ring in advance as we are part time and short staffed and the nature of the work might have taken us out of the office.

The Parish Council is accessible for the public, with a lift to the first floor office.

4 September 2020
Last Updated
8 February 2023