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Westfield’s Inspirational Citizen 2022

Each year Westfield Parish Council looks to recognise someone who has an impact on the lives of residents of Westfield. 2020—21 was a unique year, testing us all during times of lockdown and there were 3 very deserving winners of the award, whose tireless commitment to making Westfield a better place was appreciated. 

This year has seen more struggles for people in lockdown, isolating or generally not able to carry on their ‘normal’ lives—what is ‘normal’ these days??!!

Do you know someone who has made that a lot more bearable?  Someone who may have done their neighbours’ shopping, helped them with their garden, entertained bored children when they couldn’t go to school? 

If you think that a person has made a difference then please tell us about them by Friday 25th February.  Either complete the form on this website under community/Westfield Inspirational Citizen Award or call us on 01761 410669.

12 January 2022
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12 January 2022
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