Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Mendip Hills, the small Parish of Westfield in North East Somerset is just 10 miles south of Bath, within easy reach of Bristol, Frome and Wells.

Westfield’s mining heritage is reflected in its unique character.  There were once three pit heads in Westfield: Wellsway Pit, Norton Hill Pit new head Norton Hill Pit old head.  Now, the Parish is distinguished by its wealth of Miners cottages, two Miners’ Trust Grounds and its connection to neighbouring Midsomer Norton town centre by an old pit path.

The main road through Westfield is the A367, Wells Road, leading to Fosseway, which is an old Roman Road.

There are two Miners’ Trust Grounds: Norton Hill Recreation Ground and Westhill Recreation Ground.  At Norton Hill there is a sports pavilion, play park, tennis court, petanque court, half basketball court, permanent table tennis table and football pitch.  Westhill is home to Westhill Sports Club, with rooms to hire for social functions.  There is also a modern play park, BMX track, youth shelter, wild flower area and football pitches for local football teams.

Westfield has the largest primary school in the immediate area and Fosseway School an award winning school for those with special needs, which recently had a £4.2 m investment.

The Parish encompasses local shops, a public house, four churches, three social clubs, two bowling clubs, a police and fire station and Bath College, Somer Valley Campus, as well as a Guide group and Brownie pack, a thriving allotment site, including a section for people with disabilities and children, and a large industrial estate with a variety of businesses.


In 2012 the Parish Council decided to make a focal point for Westfield with the planting of a Christmas Tree and the burying of a Time Capsule topped by a plinth with a plaque naming supporters.  Later a flag pole was erected at the site and smaller flag poles were also erected on the Elm Tree shops.  The Parish Council Flag is flown and at appropriate times the Union or St George’s Flags are flown.  Thanks to all those businesses/people who donated money and time to make this happen.

Westfield Parish Council came into existence on 1st April 2011 and the Council’s offices are located in The Oval Office, Cobblers Way, St Peters Business Park, Westfield, BA3 3BX. The telephone number is 01761 410669.

Westfield Parish Council has 11 Councillors who are appointed to serve for four years and their Chair is Cllr Geoff Fuller.  Council Meetings are held on the 1st Monday in the month and will start at 7.00 pm in the Boardroom on the first floor of the Oval Office.

All meetings of Westfield Parish Council are open to the Press and Public. Before each meeting there will be a period, not exceeding fifteen minutes (at the Chairman’s discretion) when the electors of Westfield may ask questions of, or make statements to, their Council.

The Parish Clerk is Lesley Close and she can be contacted on 01761 410669 or


OPENING HOURS for the Public

Visitors are welcome.
Please ring in advance as the nature of the work might have taken us out of the office (01761 410669)

Monday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
Tuesday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
Wednesday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm
Friday Closed


Monday 9.00 am   to 4.30 pm
Tuesday 9.00 am   to 4.30 pm
Wednesday 9.00 am   to 4.30 pm
Thursday 9.00 am   to 3.00 pm
Friday Closed

Westfield Parish Council Boundary Map 

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The Parish Council has a surprising number of powers which it can exercise if it so wishes. Below are some of the activities Westfield Parish Council currently carries out for the benefit of the Parish:

              • Resides at The Oval Office, St Peters Business Park where planning applications and Minutes of meetings can be viewed (by appointment);
              • Owns the Allotment sites at Waterford Park and Larch Court which are managed and administered by Westfield Allotments and Garden Society (WAGS). The contact at WAGS is the Secretary, Alison Perry, via Email
              • Considers all planning applications relating to Westfield and makes comments as appropriate to Bath & North East Somerset Council;
              • Provides litter bins, dog bins and some benches in the parish;
              • Provides and maintains the Miners Recreation or Pleasure Ground at West Hill Road which consists of a football pitch, children’s play area, bmx track, parking facilities, 2 benches, litter bins and 3 dog bins;
              • Provides and maintains Norton Hill Recreation Ground Trust which consists of a football pitch, Pavilion (including changing facilities), tennis court, children’s play area, half basketball court, permanent table tennis table, petanque court, parking facilities, benches, litter bins and 3 dog bins;
              • Leases a building at Norton Hill Recreation Ground to Norwest Bowls Club;
              • Provides and maintains the coal truck planters, hanging baskets and flowers in the parish.


The Parish Council raises the funds to undertake these services and facilities through what is known as the precept. This is charged to residents through the council tax.