November 2018

The final version of the agreed Neighbourhood Plan is here  –  Neighbourhood Plan ‘made’ version


November 2018

Westfield NDP Decision Statement Final

September 2018

6th September the Neighbourhood Plan goes to the polls.

The result was a resounding ‘YES’.

August 2018

29th August 2018 – Westfield Neighbourhood Plan – Notice of Poll – 2018-09-06_WF_Notice of Poll

July 2018

The Neighbourhood Plan has now been to independent examination and is ready for referendum.  Below is the final version that will be voted on in the referendum.

The referendum is on Thursday 6th September 2018 and those entitled to vote should have received their polling card.

Notice of Referendum

Referendum Information Statement

Westfield Neighbourhood Plan draft v25 Referendum version

May 2018

Independent Examination email of 24 05 18

Independent Examination email of 16 05 18

April 2018

The Neighbourhood Plan went to BaNES for the Reg 16 Consultation, which has now closed.

Below is the final version:

Westfield Neighbourhood Plan draft v21

Appendix 1 Westfield Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Appendix 2 The Neighbourhood Area

Appendix 3 Preserving Heritage

and the final consultation statement:

Westfield parish Consultation Statement v4 FINAL

Below is the BANES Habitat Regulation Assessment for Westfield


Below is the BANES Strategic Environmental Assessment for Westfield

Westfield NDP SEA Screening Report

Below is the Basic Conditions Statement

Westfield Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement v2

Basic Conditions Statement appendix – v2

Below is the Evidence Base

Westfield Neighbourhood Plan evidence base v4

Below is the Sustainability Appraisal

Westfield Sustainability Appraisal v2


Responses are are invited on the Reg. 14 Consultation on the Pre Submission Draft.

The Consultation runs from 30th October 2017 until 11th December 2017.  View the Pre Submission Draft at the link below, or the hard copy and comments sheet in the Reception at the Oval Office, Cobblers Way, Westfield BA3 3BX between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.  All comments and names will be made public and all contact details will be sent to the independent examiner.

Send your comments to or write them on the comments sheet at the Oval Office Reception by 11th December 2017.

Westfield Neighbourhood Plan draft v15

Appendix 1 Westfield Neighbourhood Plan Working Group

Appendix 2 The Neighbourhood Area

Appendix 3 Preserving Heritage


View the Press release about this consultation in the Journal

Reg 14 Press release in The Journal


Below you will find the full analysis of the comments that were made in the initial options consultation.

Options consultation responses with comments

You might have received a card through your letterbox advising that the Neighbourhood Plan consultation with residents is available online to complete, well;

Postcard to all residents Options Consultation

Press release on the options consultation

Notice for noticeboard on the options consultation

Options Consultation is here! Click here to view

If you have difficulty in viewing the Microsoft Word version, then a pdf version is here.

We understand that it is a large document to print and complete, so if you are unable to access the Microsoft Word version and would like a hard copy please give us a call on 01761 410669 with your address and we will drop one off for you.  

Click here to view a Westfield Neighbourhood Plan background document

We would love to hear your thoughts or ideas for ongoing work and improvements.  Please complete the form, or email your views to us and return to Westfield Parish Council, Cobblers Way, Westfield BA3 3BX or

View the Neighbourhood Plan’s Feasibility Study for a community centre in Westfield

Westfield Community Centre Feasibility Study – Final Report

View the report on the series of Community Consultations in Westfield

FINAL Community Consultation Report 2016

View the Westfield Housing Needs Survey 2016

Letter to residents March 2016

Westfield PC Housing Needs Survey 2016

View the consultations on designating the Neighbourhood Plan area

Westfield to start its plan

A plan for Westfield

View the articles in the local press about the Neighbourhood Plan 

Neighbourhood Plan The Journal 11 02 16

Pupils are all winners Somerset Guardian 2016

Putting Westfield on the map The Journal 2016

The Journal Westfield Pupils are all logo winners 12 05 16

View the evidence base

Westfield Neighbourhood Plan evidence base v4

View items in the evidence base

Community and Social needs in Westfield

EA flooding at Waterside Valley

Fosse Way footpath

Local knowledge of surface water flooding

NOMIS labour market stats

Over parking on roads evidence

Traffic flow in Westfield

Westfield Business and Employment Growth

WI minutes 1934

Westfield surgery

Amalgamation of consultations in Westfield

Railway Inn

SWOT analysis

Westfield local treasures

Planning context

Rural community profile for Westfield


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Working Group Constitution

NPWG Constitution




Full agendas and minutes can be viewed at the Parish Council Office

22nd January 2018

NP Working Group Minutes 22nd January 2018

29th August 2017

NP Working Group Minutes 29th Aug 2017

30th May 2017

NP Working Group Minutes 30th May 2017

27th March 2017

NP Working Group Minutes 27th March 2017

27th February 2017

NP Working Group Minutes 27th February 2017

23rd January 2017

NP Working Group Minutes 23rd January 2017

28th November 2016

NP Working Group Minutes 28th November 2016

24th October 2016


26th September 2016


25th July 2016


28th June 2016

NPWG Minutes 28th June 2016

24th May 2016

Minutes 24th May 2016

5th April 2016:

NPWG Minutes 5th April 2016

22nd March 2015:

In March a Housing Needs Survey was sent to all households in Westfield.

15th March 2016:

NPWG Minutes 15th March 2016

23rd February 2016:

NPWG Minutes 23rd February 2016

2nd February 2016:

Neighbourhood Plan – letter to residents
Minutes 2nd February 2016

12th January 2016:

Minutes 12th January 2016

24th November 2015:

Minutes 24 11 15

6th November 2015:

Minutes 6th November 2015

At this meeting the draft constitution was agreed:

NPWG constitution

24th September 2015:

NP Working Group Minutes 24th September 2015
The offer is still open to residents of Westfield to work with the Council.

29th July 2015:

The first meeting was held to start the process.  See minutes:

NP Working Group Minutes 29th July 2015

21st July 2015:

The Parish Council is delighted that a number of people have responded to the invitation to work with the Council on the Neighbourhood Plan.  Meetings are now being set up to start this significant work.

6th May 2015:

The Parish Council has recently been considering the advantages of undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan for Westfield.
The Parish Council would like to promote the identity of Westfield as a Parish in its own right, with its own history, needs and aspirations.
The 2011 Census shows that Westfield has its own unique demographic profile. in previous years Westfield has been swallowed up within the larger Norton Radstock Town Council and has missed the opportunity to identify its own needs, and it has suffered from a lack of investment in its infrastructure. A Neighbourhood Plan to lay the foundations for the future looks like very positive way forward.

If you are interested in taking part in working on the Plan then please talk to the Parish Clerk ,Lesley Welch on 01761 410669.

On this page we will be looking to keep people informed about the progress of our Neighbourhood Plan.
We are now officially designated as a Neighbourhood Planning area. Please see attached document for details.
Westfield Neighbourhood Designation