Invitation to tender – Landscape Contract 2020-24

The Parish Council is sole trustee of two recreation grounds held in Trust for the people of Westfield. Maintenance of the Trust grounds is a high priority for the Parish Council as the grounds are well used by residents. With the current contract coming to an end in March 2020 we are required to invite tenders for the work over the next four years.

The successful contractor will be appointed, not simply on the basis of value for money, but also on their ability and attend regularly and maintain the quality of our recreation grounds. We will look for the ability to provide a service for all of our landscape needs including maintenance of the Pavilion, upkeep of sports pitches, inspection of play equipment and other landscape maintenance work.

The contract will be awarded for an initial period of 1st April 2020 to 31st March 2021. Then, according to the performance of the chosen contractor during that year, the Parish Council will either extend the contract to cover the period from 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2024, or issue new tenders as necessary.

Please find below detailed specifications for the works required at both recreation grounds plus inspection of the Christmas Tree. We would be happy to show contractors around the grounds and buildings if required and contractors are welcome to visit the grounds at any time as they are open to the public 24/7.

If you would like to tender for this contract, please use the Pricing Schedule below to indicate your fees for each item and an overall fee for the year as well as details of ad hoc charges and a forecast for the charges up to 2024. The Pricing Schedule is an Excel workbook with four tabs where you can indicate pricing for each recreation ground, ad hoc works and a forecast for future years. Please complete and return all four sheets.

Please also attach details of any relevant background experience, including photos and references, to help the Committee understand your ability to undertake this work for Westfield. If you would like to talk this over at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, please complete the Contractor’s Selection Questionnaire (below) and, as requested on the form, attach a copy of your Public and Employer’s Liability Insurance, and your Health and Safety Policy. If you do not have these documents at the moment please do not worry, we would discuss these with you once the contract has been awarded.

Please note, Westfield Parish Council’s Standing Orders compel me to state that canvassing Councillors or the members of a Committee or Sub Committee, directly or indirectly, in relation to contract work for the Council shall disqualify you from this tendering process.

Below is the proposed timetable for this tendering process:

Item  Deadline
Tenders to be submitted by 5pm on Monday 10th February 2020
Induction meetings with the successful contractor to be arranged in the fortnight commencing 9th March 2020
Any outstanding Health and Safety documentation required of the successful contractor by 12th March 2020
Contract to commence 1st April 2020

Sending instructions

You should include the following in your tender:
• Landscape Tender Pricing schedule (using the attached excel workbook);
• Contractors’ Selection Questionnaire;
• Copy of your Public and Employers’ Liability Insurance if you have it;
• Copy of your Health and Safety Policy if you have it;
• Covering letter with details of your relevant background.

Please send the information in a sealed envelope marked

Parish Clerk
Westfield Parish Council
The Oval Office
Cobblers Way

The envelope should arrive no later than 5pm on Monday 10th February 2020. The successful tenderer will be informed in the week commencing 2nd March.


Tender documentation

Covering letter
Tender documentation list
Definition of terms used within the Landscape Specification
Westhill Recreation Ground Specification
APPENDIX A Westhill Rec – EXAMPLE weekly checklist
Norton Hill Recreation Ground Specification
APPENDIX A Norton Hill Rec – EXAMPLE weekly checklist
APPENDIX B Norton Hill Rec – EXAMPLE pavilion checklist
APPENDIX C Norton Hill Pavilion EXAMPLE legionella checks
Christmas Tree Inspection Specification
Pricing schedule (Excel document – four sheets to be completed and returned with tender)
Contractors selection questionnaire (to be returned with tender)